Vía Ferrata


Go ahead and experience
the Ferratas in
the Canary Islands!

A via ferrata is a sporting itinerary that runs through walls or rocky massifs equipped to facilitate progression by using iron steps, ramps, rails, staples, cable and, in general, all types of elements that ensure the safety of adventurers along the route.
Is a Via ferrata suitable for everybody? It depends on what you want. It is an activity halfway between mountain hiking and climbing. It is often practiced by people for whom a simple walk in the mountains is not enough, but who don’t consider themselves sufficiently prepared for climbing.
Nevertheless , it is recommended that those hikers who go on a via ferrata have at least a bit of experience in the mountains.
The routes, marked with pins, chains, staples etc…, often take you to places of great height, so if you suffer from vertigo you might consider different activities that are closer to the ground.